Directions for use Keraderm

Cream Keraderminstructions for use

It is to be the defender of our body against aggressive external environment. However, sometimes our immune system is not able to cope with the attack, and there are a wide variety of diseases of the skin, which is sometimes very difficult to deal with.

Instructions for the use of the cream Keraderm

Cream with keratolytic action against the pathogen, papillomas, and psoriasis Keraderm - this is a new tool that is able to, in a very short space of time to deal with a variety of skin infections, and cancer. It's complex, that acts on the general characteristics of soft-blocking is the cause of a disease of the cells, without causing damage to the skin. Because of this, the first results become visible already in the first week of using it, and when you move around the course, it is a strong immunity to the problem of skin infections, due to the fact that the probability of the occurrence of the offense, in budapest, Hungary, is reduced to zero.

How does it work cream Keraderm?

The active ingredient in the composition of the drug are complicated by the

  • the anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action, for a piece of the skin;
  • for the relief of pain and to remove the itchiness;
  • stimulation of the regenerative processes in the cells of the skin;
  • the strengthening of the immune system, the skin;
  • to block the spread of the infection.

How to use the cream?

For the full course of treatment is 1 month. During this period of time, it is necessary to twice a day, apply the cream on the infected skin in the morning and before going to bed. It is important to begin treatment when the first signs of the infection of the skin, for a more effective implementation and in order to avoid the possible consequences in the form of scars and scar tissue. This is why it is best to purchase insurance as a cream for the treatment of diseases of the skin Keradermfor him, it was always in the medicine cabinet.


Cream Keraderm it should be applied when the signs of the following diseases:

  • all types of psoriasis;
  • hpv and other cancers of the skin;
  • tinea and pityriasis versicolor;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • yeast infection;
  • the cracks on the heels.

Indications and Contra-indications

Because the composition of the cream Keraderm it includes only natural substances from natural sources, it can be applied to almost all the people, irrespective of the degree of neglect of the disease. You have checked the cream and it's worth treating for children up to 3 years of age and pregnant women. In very rare cases, there could be a private service of the court of appeal on any component of the medication. In this case, you should terminate the application and to consult with your doctor.